DevOps Day US was a single-track conference organized around a series of panels where open discussion amongst all conference participants was encouraged.

  1. Your mileage may vary: Experiences and lessons learned facing DevOps problems in the IT trenches (even if they weren't calling it DevOps!). The good, the bad, the surprises, and ideas for the future.
  2. Infrastructure as code: Automation is essential to DevOps. The infrastructure as code concept drives many of today's cutting edge automaton techniques. What is it all about? Where are its limitations?
  3. Changing culture to enable DevOps: Changing tools is easy when compared to changing people and processes. How can we cultivate an organization's culture to identify and solve DevOps problems?
    • John Allspaw - Etsy
    • Lee Thompson - DTO Solutions
    • Israel Gat - The Agile Executive
    • Lloyd Taylor - Netelder Associates
    • moderator: Andrew Shafer
  4. Does the Cloud needs DevOps? Does DevOps need the Cloud?: Examining the role that cloud technologies can play in solving DevOps problems and the role that DevOps solutions can play in getting the most out of cloud technologies.
    • James Urquhart - Cisco
    • Adrian Cole - Jclouds
    • Justin Dean - Shopzilla
    • Joe Arnold - Cloudscaling
    • moderator: John Willis
  5. DevOps requires visibility: monitoring, testing, and performance : Examining the (often overlooked) role of monitoring and testing techniques in solving DevOps problems.
  6. DevOps outside of Web Operations: Much of the public discussion about DevOps focuses on Web Operations. This panel is about taking the lessons of DevOps to other types of IT.
  7. Making the business case: We know that solving DevOps problems improves your business operations and improves the bottom line, but how do you do you explain that to your CEO or CFO? How do you get the executives to buy in and invest in DevOps solutions?
    • Kurt Milne - IT Process Institute
    • Jay Lyman - The 451 Group
    • Rolf Andrew Russell - ThoughtWorks
    • Jody Mulkey - Shopzilla
    • moderator: Damon Edwards