DevOps with it's emphasis on rapid change and it's non-boundry between developers and technical operations would seem present a recipe for insecurity. While it does present some challenges, on the whole DevOps principals provide guidance on creating a more secure environment. This talk will cover some of tools and techniques we use at Etsy to help manage risk.

Introduction Context

  • On DevOps
  • On Security
  • And how it's DevOps principles Match
  • QA vs Security

Tools and Techniques

  • Measurement: MTTD / MTTR --But what are you detecting / Resolving
  • Staffing and Hiring - Challenges
  • Organizational Structure - Work In Progress at Etsy
  • Logging and Graphing - Real WebApp Security Metrics
  • Leveraging Continuous Integration - repurposing QA tools for security and operations
  • Managing Continuous Delivery - Isn't 60 pushes a day a security nightmare?
  • Post-Mortems - Spreading knowledge
  • Third Party Applications and Services - A surprising conclusion

Speaker: Nick Galbreath - Director of Engineering Etsy

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