A lot of Dev and Ops people look at their security teams with disdain. "Those guys are just blockers... All they do is throw obstacles in my way and say no. They'll never be DevOps or even Agile." In return many security people see the emergence of DevOps as creating a wilder, less managed environment in which they would face more risk and greater security challenges.

So who is right? Can DevOps and security co-exist? Can they learn from one another? We will take a deeper look into:

  • What DevOps means for a Security professional
  • How DevOps can be sold to Security
  • How Security practice can enhance DevOps
  • How DevOps can influence Risk decisions and help manage risk appetite

Let’s see if DevOps and Security can have a long and prosperous relationship.

Speaker: James Turnbull - Puppetlabs

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