New York (January) 2013 - proposals

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This page list the proposals we have received. Help the presenters with your feedback!

Conference Talks

  1. We're Doing it Wrong! - What DevOps needs to learn from traditional, segregated Dev and Ops teams in order to scale up - Jan Schaumann
  2. Test Driven Deployment - Mat Schaffer
  3. Ten Best Practices of Mobile DevOps - Sanjeev Sharma
  4. Quit Your Job! It's the best way to level-up your skills - Nathen Harvey
  5. On Hiring (in a DevOps World) - Dave Zwieback
  6. Mommy, Dev and Ops won't let me play with them! -- Sec, the nerdy outsider of the nerds club, just wants to belong - Jan Schaumann
  7. Meat & Potatoes Architecture for Internet Application Security and Redundancy - Adam Nelson
  8. Knights of the Provisioning Round Table - Bare Metal Provisioning - Sean OMeara
  9. Infrastructure deployment contracts and zero downtime deployment with Orcé - David Ellis
  10. If You Can't Trust Your Code, Get in to the Kitchen! - Nathen Harvey
  11. How Github does Ops - Mark Imbriaco
  12. Getting Config Management Adoption in an existing Organization - Mike Fiedler
  13. Foreman and friends - Sam Kottler
  14. Failure is always an option - Matthias Meyer
  15. Don't pay for a dumb broker - Patricio Arvizu
  16. DevOps At Obama for America & The Democratic National Committee - Leo Zhadanovsky - John Schneider
  17. Deming to Devops - John Willis
  18. Continuous Deployment Workflow in Action - Jason Wash - Geoffrey Arnold
  19. Beware the echo chamber chamber chamber -- Of conferences and filter bubbles - Jan Schaumann
  20. Automate or Die - Aaron Quint

Ignite Talks

  1. Zero Downtime Deployments on MySQL - Bob Feldbauer
  2. Working with CloudFormation and ChefSolo to Manage the Knewton Platform - Sarah Haskins
  3. Simple Black Box - Dieter Plaetinck
  4. Safely Drinking from the Data Waterhose - Jan Schaumann
  5. Graphduty: monitoring via graphite - Peter Norton
  6. From Nachos to Sushi: A monitoring Love Story - Bethany Benzur
  7. Don't pay for a dumb broker - Patricio Arvizu
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