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Devops, Dungeons & Dragons


An effective operations team is ready to react quickly and decisively when systems fail. We all know they will fail.

How do you maintain those ops muscles in prime condition when an infrastructure is basically stable? We know muscles atrophy when not used regularly. Failures and disasters can be simulated to give operations teams this much needed practice. Netflix have their simian army to inject some chaos into their infrastructure. Amazon, Etsy and others have firedrills and game days of different kinds.

We have a framework for running incident firedrills at whole new level using ideas borrowed from D&D.

Instead of a band of elves and humans fighting orcs and trolls we have a campaign of sysadmins, DBAs, network and security engineers fighting cascading system failures, database corruption and increased latency in 3rd party APIs. Complex campaign scenarios are planned out by one of the team acting as "Dungeon Master".

By running these regularly we can roleplay leadership and communication within the team, distribute knowledge, train up new staff to go on-call, and even expose developers to the dangerous and exciting world of operations.

Speaker: David Lutz

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