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Burnout - the elephant in the room


Not that long ago, I was almost ready to jack in my job at a startup. I wasn't particularly unhappy with the work, I was adequately paid and my colleagues were pleasant enough, but I'd just had enough with the job. All the months of long hours working for a startup were taking their toll. I just felt completely uninterested in the work I was doing. I was burnt out.

This is very common in the industry and we often just sweep it under the carpet. It is something people don't like talking about or even acknowledging - they often see it as a sign of weakness.

I believe that as we move to more agile methodologies, where we are expected to produce more work in a shorter time, this will only become a bigger issue.

In this talk, I will help you recognise some of the signs of burnout and some solutions if you or your colleagues are on the path to burnout.


Mike Preston Synety

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