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Composable Enterprise PaaS: Experimenting with Docker in the Enterprise.


Will docker and PaaS be as big in the enterprise as virtualization? We'll look at the following questions.

What is docker (5 mins)

  • is Docker a package manager or a virtualization technology.
  • whats the registry, and how its like a yum repo (or not..)
  • how it works (lxc, the AUFS union file system, iptables to expose ports)

What kind of problems can it solve (lots of apps, the 1 vm per app problem) & What kind of problems does it introduce (no multiple inheritance) or The implications for the enterprise:

  • Use for apps that require less-than-one-vm
  • Use for apps that aren't worth packaging.
  • Isolation of tools and components for teams (docker for devs type stuff)
  • its relationship to the rest of the PaaS (hows it like heroku, what is coreos and etcd)

Does docker deserve all the hype? Finally the last 3rd of the talk will be about the philosophy of minimising change to maximize velocity.

  • Docker means the variation happens at build time (like compiled code) and not at run time.
  • Why this will save you from Cant-Deploy:Github-Down type errors.
  • Multiple Inheritance (how do i get monitoring, logging, and my app into the container, or do i even need to.)


Simon Vans-Colina is a freelance DevOps hacker who's worked for the largest bank, the biggest shipping company, the second oldest airline and is currently at the worlds largest publisher.

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