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Lessons learned - 19 quotes from 19 talks


As the title would suggest, it is about my recent experience of monitorama. The format is to share a single quote from each speaker, and give a point raised during that speech (relevant or not to the quote).

The goal is to share with those who did not had the chance to go there. The other goal is to challenge the memory of the attendees. Hopefully that will get the conversation going on the subject discussed in Berlin.

The ignite will likely be boring as there is 20 slides and 19 speaker at monitorama. But the outcome should hopefully be people (re)watching the videos and re-reading the slides and learning something (more) from it.


Flo works as an IT Ops during the day.He promotes of the devops culture because collaboration works.Flo is a Linux and FOSS enthusiast because freedom matters

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