Silicon Valley 2013 - proposals

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This page list the proposals we have received. Help the presenters with your feedback!

Conference Talks

  1. Your Agile Performance Testing Checklist: MultiMechanize, Bees with Machine Guns, PageSpeed and AppDynamics - Dustin Whittle
  2. Unchaining Development Agility - Anand Rudrabhatla
  3. The IT Culture Cocktail Party – DevOps, ITSM, Agile and Technology - Jayne Groll
  4. The Devops Journey that Transformed REA - Javier Turegano
  5. The DevOps Pay Raise: Quantifying Your Value to Move Up the Ladder - Dustin Whittle
  6. Testing as a Service - How we used OpenStack to automate our entire dev and testing environment - Nati Shalom
  7. Test Kitchen 1.0 - A Config Management-Neutral Integration Testing Tool - Fletcher Nichol
  8. Test Driven Deployment - Mat Schaffer
  9. Strategies for introducing agile software development practices in operations - Ranjib Dey
  10. Strategies for Pushing DevOps - Nate Johnson
  11. Start Social Ops - David Mytton
  12. Managerial Mindset: Change It or Game Over! - John Esser
  13. Make Ned Scale! How Private PaaS Can Scale Management in a World of Limitless Virtualization - John Wetherill
  14. Looking for Trouble: How to rapidly diagnose and solve crazy problems when time matters - Geoff White
  15. Leveling Up a New Engineer in a Devops Culture; Healthy Sustainability - Gary Foster
  16. Leading the Horses to Drink: A Practical Guide to Gaining Support and Initiating a DevOps Transformation - Damon Edwards
  17. Is Your Team Instrument Rated (or: Deploying 89,000 times a day) - J. Paul Reed
  18. How Application Defined Networking (ADN) Remediates Cloud Performance Challenges - Pascale Vicat-Blanc
  19. Enhance your agile and CD practices with key analytics to meet enterprise needs - Raziel Tabib
  20. Enabling DevOps Collaboration with Application deep-dive Monitoring - Debu Panda
  21. Economics vs. Technology: Testing on replicas of production - Geert Jansen
  22. Don’t build it yourself: Leveraging AWS services to allow focus on differentiating work - Sudhindra Rao
  23. Distributed DevOps what can possibly go wrong with having teams all over the planet - John Martinez
  24. DevOps+Agile=Business Transformation - Jesse Robbins
  25. DevOps in Outer Space?! - John Tangney
  26. DevOps for Security: Automation is your only hope to protect Cloud IaaS - Andrew Hay
  27. DevOps Isn’t Enough - John Esser
  28. Desired State Configuration and Microsoft Windows - Jeffrey Snover
  29. Continuously deploying Mingle on the cloud - a showcase - Sheroy Marker
  30. Continuous integration enabled by freebies - Chrissie Cui
  31. Continuous Quality: What DevOps Means for QA - Jeff Sussna
  32. Continuous Integration with Packages - A Not So Scary Deployment Model - Brett Gailey
  33. Continuous Deployment with ansible - Tim Gerla
  34. Continuous Delivery with Jenkins and Cloudify (FastConnect) - Uri Cohen
  35. Coming to Terms with Chef: A Support Group for the Weary and Downtrodden Admin - Joan Touzet
  36. Clusters, developers, and the complexity in Infrastructure Automation - Antoni Batchelli
  37. Chef Resources and Providers - Miah Johnson
  38. Chef - The easy way - Mat Schaffer
  39. Building your own OpsWorks with Chef and Cloudify - Nati Shalom
  40. Building cross region and cross cloud high availability into your app - Uri Cohen
  41. Building a Culture of Operational Excellence - Arup Chakrabarti
  42. Bring Devs Closer to Production - Pete Hodgson
  43. Beyond Pretty Charts…. Analytics for the rest of us - Toufic Boubez
  44. Beyond DevOps: User-Centered IT - Jeff Sussna
  45. Before you trust your code, make it run the Gauntlt! - James Wickett
  46. Automating Infrastructure Testing - Barry Jaspan
  47. Arm your DevOps Team with Big Data - Christian Beedgen
  48. Analysis techniques for identifying waste in your build pipeline - Scott Turnquest

Ignite Talks

  1. The Positive Powers of Negative Thinking - David Hatten
  2. Systems theory for successful enjoyment of AWS - Philip Jacob
  3. Selling devops to product developers - Karthik Gaekwad
  4. Running Cassandra on AWS - Philip Jacob
  5. OopsOps - Benjamin Arent
  6. How to hire engineers that get devops - Philip Jacob
  7. How companies are using AWS - Philip Jacob
  8. Going All-In with Vagrant - Jeff Sussna
  9. Gitnite Your Deployment - Juan Delgado
  10. Getting Started with CloudScript - Nick Peterson
  11. From Monitoring, With Love - Peco Karayanev
  12. DevOps and the CIA - Karthik Gaekwad
  13. DevOps Do's and Don'ts - Dave Mangot
  14. Beer, Pineapples and Bottlenecks - Adrian Cockcroft
  15. Applying devops methodologies to traditional IT - Serge Bery
  16. 8 mistakes that prevent DevOps success - Jonathan Thorpe
  17. 5 Compelling Actions You Can Start To Implement Tomorrow To Improve Communications & Collaboration - David Ratcliffe
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