Tel Aviv 2013 - proposals

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This page list the proposals we have received. Help the presenters with your feedback!

Conference Talks

  1. Wix case study - scaling to over 35M users - Yoav Abrahami
  2. When sh!t hits the fan - WebOps disaster survival guide - Avishai Ish-Shalom
  3. What is exactly Anti-fragile in DevOps? - Asher Sterkin
  4. The future of operating systems - Avishai Ish-Shalom
  5. The devops field guide to cognitive biases - Lindsay Holmwood
  6. Test automation patterns for continuous delivery - Alon Aizenberg
  7. Team refactoring: How re-architecting a system affects people, teams and processes - Tal Salmona
  8. Real world strategies in continuous delivery - Aviran Mordo
  9. Re-Culturing a 200 employees Start-Up - Dvir Greenberg and David Virtser
  10. Rainmakers, that is what we need! Don't we? - Arjan Eriks
  11. Project SVAROG - Roman Kolodchak
  12. Nirvana: faster, cheaper and better continuous integration and delivery using the cloud - Chen Nisnkorn
  13. Kanban - a sane way towards DevOps - Yuval Yeret
  14. Jenkins and automatic multi-branch GIT support - Nathan Grunzweig
  15. Identifying and Elevating Constraints while Transforming Coercive Systems/Procedures into Enabling Systems/Procedures - Chaim Cohen
  16. How not to do Devops: Confessions of a Thought Leader - Stephen Nelson-Smith
  17. Escalating complexity: DevOps learnings from Air France 447 - Lindsay Holmwood
  18. Environmental friendly Puppet show - Lior Harel
  19. Easy querying terabytes of data with AWS Redshift - Arik Fraimovich
  20. Devops for the small guy - Boris Dinkevich
  21. Devops for testing: From 500 on-premise integrations tests to 10000 on 5 different clouds - Kobi Kisos & Uri Cohen
  22. DevOps at Outbrain - Itai Hochman
  23. DevOps and Security: It’s Happening. Right Now - Helen Bravo
  24. DevOps Speak: Inspiring Administrators, Chiefs, Directors and Executives to cease playing the Head Honcho game and begin to cultivate Compassionate Communication and Collaborative integration towards improved Release Management - Chaim Cohen
  25. DevOps - not just for SaaS startups - Yuval Yeret
  26. Building a Massively Scalable Cloud Service from the Ground Up - Yoav Landman
  27. Amazing Operations with ToC and TPS - Evgeny Zislis
  28. A toy story: the TabTale episode - CI in the Mobile world - Yoram Michaeli
  29. #StealthMode #KvmInventor #reveals #KEY #DevOps #Platform - Dor Laor

Ignite Talks

  1. The cost of the DevOps laptop - Boris Dinkevich
  2. Monitoring Patterns with Riemann - Itai Frenkel and Eli Polonski
  3. Doing more with logs: logs as streams of data - Arik Fraimovich
  4. Breaking Organizational Barriers - A Sweaty Use Case - Uri Cohen
  5. 5 whys in 5 minutes - Itai Hochman
  6. 5 key tips to make your deployment work on multiple clouds - Leonid Mirsky


  1. Puppet 101 - Alon Becker
  2. Graphite and StatsD - Evgeny Zislis
  3. Check_MK Workshop - Or Cohen


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