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Re-Culturing a 200 employees Start-Up


In this session, Dvir and David will present how eToro, the world's largest Social Investment Network, embarked on the DevOps journey. A year ago, they had a great product, market and vision, but no automation in place, marginal contribution from new developers, and scalability and stability problems. Today, they are in the early phases of implementing devops practices within the company, which is a work in progress. Employees are already a lot more knowledgeable, and there are a few preliminary Success stories they can share. Come and hear how to start a journey whose vision people cannot even understand, and how to make them part of this vision.


Dvir Greenberg and David Virtser, eToro

Dvir serves as the VP of product operations at eToro and David as the devops leader at eToro, and together they're pushing the devops revolution within eToro and trying to optimize it, make it faster and more scalable.

David can be followed on Twitter at @poison_dv

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