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How not to do Devops: Confessions of a Thought Leader


At every conference I go to, and as a member of the core Devopsdays team, I see a lot of proposals too, it seems that 99% of talks are of the sort: ""I did this awesome thing - you should too!"" or ""This is awesome - you should try it!"". However the reality for experienced people is more often ""I tried this, and messed up badly - here's what I learned, and how you can avoid the pain I suffered"".

I've been a Devops practitioner, activist, enthusiast and consultant since day one. I keynoted at the second ever Devopsdays. And I've run a consulting firm specialising in Devops ideas for 7 years. That means I've made a ton of mistakes. Many of them painful and costly.

In this talk I will bare my soul - tell you all about the terrible mistakes I've made, and explore lessons learned, so we can all learn from the things I've done wrong.


Stephen Nelson-Smith

Principal Consultant at Atalanta Systems; Devops/Cloud Visionary; Author of 'Test-driven Infrastructure with Chef' and forthcoming 'Chef: The Definitive Guide', Opscode Chef trainer.

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