Berlin 2014 - Proposals

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This page list the proposals we have received. Help the presenters with your feedback!

Conference Talks

  1. ein security bitte? - Ben Hughes
  2. Y-manage - ensure future success - Johannes Mainusch
  3. Why you can't buy DevOps in a box - Dustin Whittle
  4. What we can learn about DevOps from Science Fiction - Dawn Foster
  5. What DevOps means for the sysadmin? - Damien Caro
  6. Unit Testing for DevOps - Stephan Schmidt
  7. The myth of the full stack developer strikes back - Marcel Wolf, Maximilien Riehl
  8. The DevOps Maturity Curve - where are you on it? - Jens Dollenbacher
  9. The 15 Minute Incident Workout - Joerg Mueller
  10. Running Near Zero Downtime Build Landscapes in the Cloud for DevOps - Rafael Kolless
  11. Release Faster - Automated Tests Are Your First Line Of Defence - Emanuil Slavov
  12. Quantifying the value of DevOps - Dustin Whittle
  13. Puppetshow and Masterchef - Romain Pelisse
  14. Postmortems are Important for a Blameless Culture - Mathias Meyer
  15. Our DevOps Journey at HERE/Nokia - Alexander Schwartz
  16. Moving to The Cloud from a Knowledge Management Perspective - Soenke Ruempler
  17. Make it SOLID. Software Architecture for System Administrators - Soenke Ruempler
  18. It’s not gonna be Heroku anytime soon - Hard truths in enterprise DevOps transitions and how to deal with them - Florian Thiel
  19. Infrastructure as code - JJ Asghar
  20. How Continuous Delivery impacts testing - Alexander Schwartz
  21. How Ansible playbooks made our DevOps team - Boris Gomolka, Gerald Hansen
  22. Getting Started with ChatOps - James Fryman
  23. Fishing for Hackers - Loris Degioanni
  24. Driving bottom-up cultural change through data visualisation - Florian Thiel
  25. Docker at Shopify - Simon Eskildsen
  26. DevOps goes Mobile - Jesper Richter-Reichhelm
  27. DevOps for dummies - Alessandro Franceschi
  28. DevOps Day 2: People and Process - James Fryman
  29. DevOps = Effectiveness First! - Alexander Schwartz
  30. Decouple if you can't automate - Felix Hupfeld
  31. Datacenters and unreliable network conditions - Joern Barthel
  32. Data focused Docker clustering - Marcus Stewart Hughes
  33. Data Virtualization, next step for DevOps? - Romain Pelisse
  34. Configuration Management in a Distributed World - David Lutterkort
  35. Check In, Check Out - Rapid change Infrastructure leaving no-one out in the cold at - Daniel Parry
  36. ChatOps: Practices, Patterns, and Antipatterns - Eric Sigler
  37. ChatOps: A trojan horse to sneak DevOps ideas into other parts of your organization - Eric Sigler
  38. Changing the Organisation to enable DevOps - Oliver Wehrens, Klaus Heuke
  39. Building Top-Down Support for DevOps - Andi Mann
  40. Better sorry than safe - Sebastian Schulze

Ignite Talks

  1. Use Flapjack as bridge between Ops and Dev, and bridge from Nagios towards more freedom - Birger Schmidt
  2. Test Driven Development in Bash - Arkadiusz Dziewonski
  3. Sane Secrets Sharing - Benjamin Reitzammer
  4. Monitors at PAYBACK - Thomas Falkenberg
  5. Make Love not War - let's have a Dev♥︎Ops Baby - Martin Klewitz
  6. Learn Puppet in 5min - Romain Pelisse
  7. Icinga2 - Redesigning Monitoring - Bernd Erk
  8. Convincing the boss to DevOps! - Andi Mann
  9. 5 Minutes for 10 DevOps Tools - Andi Mann
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