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Transforming ThoughtWorks' Internal Systems


I recently took over as the architect for ThoughtWorks' internal systems. During the last year or so we have been undergoing multiple shifts in what - and how - we work. Out goes monolithic applications, in comes Microservices. Out goes teams oriented around a single IT system, in come product teams. Throw in four data centres, as many cloud providers, 40+ COTS products and 5 delivery teams spread globally and we have an interesting story to share!

This talk will discuss the transition we have been making, and our use of technology like Spacewalk, Ansible, Packer and Docker. I will also talk about how to deal with SFDC, what we mean by a 'product' team, what that means for support and ownership of legacy systems.


I'm a technical consultant at ThoughtWorks, where amongst other things I look after our internal systems. I've spent the last ten years or so with a foot in both the development and operations worlds, and find interesting things occur when these two worlds survive. I am also currently writing a book, Building Microservices, for O'Reilly.

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