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From Small Companies to the Enterprise: Continuous Deployments with Octopus Deploy


Whether you're a one person or 1,000 person development organization, performing continuous deployments is a challenge. At Accenture we have found an easy way to address this with Octopus Deploy.

From .NET Web Application Projects to Windows Services, Web Services and Databases projects, Octopus Deploy has been up to the task. We've customized it for our own auditing/security needs for fast provisioning/configuration with new teams adopting Octopus Deploy. It's enabled numerous development teams throughout the world to leverage automated deployments in an easy to configure, reliable and traceable manner.

From our experience, we've found measurable gains and metrics to projects, while speeding up delivery and lowering costs. Automation is not only a great component of Octopus Deploy it's an extension of DevOps. Octopus Deploy has become a catalyst for a DevOps culture within Accenture's internal software development.

My session will demonstrate how Octopus Deploy can make a positive impact on your organization by reducing deployment friction with automating deployments and cultivating a DevOps mindset.

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