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From The Major BBS to Mingle, my road to Continuous Deployment


I have about 20 years of experience that has led me to want to move my career towards DevOps. I plan to make this pretty personal, funny, lighthearted and use my resume to drive the talk. At the end of the day, I plan to keep it pretty humble and more of statement of respect for the where the movement has come and how I see the thought leadership behind DevOps driving change.

I have the following outline so far. I like the Ignite Talk format since I haven’t given a presentation of this nature for about 15 years and need a bit of a format to force me to edit/structure. I also think I can probably come up with 20 original / entertaining slides.

  • My early days as a Sys Admin
    • My very first job as a Sys Admin for an ISP in St. Charles called “Microthought”
      • I will probably have a couple fun nostalgic slides
        • Early FreeBSD and Modem Pools
        • Windows NT 3.51
    • I’m going to talk about my second Job where I worked with a bunch of really serious “Software Engineers” and how they were Sciencey and I was Musicy and when I found Web Development -- it wasn’t what they did and I liked it…
      • Basically, I could do development without being much of a Scientist..
  • My move from being a Sys Admin to being a Web Developer
    • I never stopped doing Sys Admin work
    • I thought developers who couldn’t do Sys Admin work were lame
    • Don’t even get me started on the ones that couldn’t write SQL
    • More fun nostalgic AIS slides
  • Application Support
    • How I was tricked into it
    • Why I’m glad I was
    • Why I think it’s precisely the “Dev” part of DevOps
    • For me, I’m going to talk a bit about how I felt some Silos broke down while I did my job at Apartments.
    • I’m also going to point out that some remained to rather inefficient ends.
  • Management
    • What I like about management
    • What I don’t like about management
    • What parts of management I want to continue doing
    • I intend to try to make this funny
  • 2014
    • Why are we still making configuration changes without Code ?
    • Why are deployments still hard ?
    • Why are developers still doing too much support ?
    • A few relavent RN things
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