Helsinki 2014 - proposals

This page list the suggested topics/speakers, proposed talks and ignites we have received. Help the presenters with your feedback!

Day 1 Talks

  1. Story of FAT Tester, running millions of test cases - Mika Karaila
  2. Making processes work for you - Mikko Paukkila
  3. Lean Startup with DevOps Superpowers - Ilari Mäkelä
  4. From great cars to coding – it’s all about the culture - Julius Manni
  5. Behind the scenes of Hello World Open 2014 - Coding World Championships - Teemu Matilainen, Mikko Apo, Juha Paananen
  6. Battle story: devops of a modern website - Niilo Ursin

Day 2 Talks

  1. XI: eXtreme Infrastructure - What Can DevOps Learn From XP? - Alex Wilson
  2. Why The Front-End Needs Ops - Tero Parviainen
  3. When the sh!t hits the fan - WebOps disaster survival guide - Avishai Ish-Shalom
  4. When the cloud doesn’t scale - Niko Kurtti
  5. Visualizing Puppet code bases - Andrey Adamovich
  6. Speeding up deployments of large-scale automation systems - Mika Karaila
  7. Riemann and Statsd sitting in a tree - Simão Mata
  8. Migration of Linux Containers - Tycho Andersen
  9. Integration testing of Puppet modules with BATS - Andrey Adamovich
  10. Groovy DevOps in the Cloud - Andrey Adamovich
  11. Enterprise flight into DevOps space - Andrey Adamovich
  12. Docker at Shopify - Niko Kurtti
  13. Developing JVM applications for admins (... JVM applications are evil) - Ken Barber
  14. DevOps is for the Development too - Antti Virtanen
  15. Continuous Delusions - The hard truth about the deployment - Avishai Ish-Shalom
  16. A Log Story - Avishai Ish-Shalom


  1. Software Releasing in Agile - Eero Heino
  2. Lean, Agile Development and tools for Portfolio management - Lasse Mikkonen
  3. DevOps is for the Development too - Antti Virtanen
  4. Another brick in the (storage) cluster - Luca Gibelli

Suggested Talks

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