Helsinki 2014 - Docker at Shopify

At Shopify, we've been working with Docker since January 2014. As of this summer all Shopify store traffic (~200K RPM) is served from Docker containers. This talk covers some of the challenges we've had to deal with to deploy Docker:

The datacenter operating system we're building towards to provide a PaaS within Shopify. What a Docker-powered PaaS means for our development and operations teams. Orchestrating and deploying 100s of containers across hosts. Docker is still early in the adoption curve, and there aren't a lot of people publicly talking about their experiences integrating it into their environments. We would like to share how we're linking Docker into our organization.

Niko Kurtti is a tinkerer who is fortunate enough to get paid for doing it professionally at Shopify. Recovering Java programmer doing mostly Ruby these days. Loves to talk about WEBSCALE and infrastructure as code. Lives in the countryside with a fiance, VW Beetle and three cats.

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