Helsinki 2014 - Making processes work for you

How to find right balance between bureaucracy and total liberalism in software development? There are many important software development processes, quality checks and tools that projects must remember to have in place to produce high quality software with high speed. Too often these things are forgotten as projects are proceeding in hurry or there are no possibilities to invest in those. Companies that are big and don’t have tight limits in investments might build too heavy processes and cause too much bureaucracy and delay software development that way. It is important that the balance is right to optimize the process. The presentation will also cover some examples of well set up release models and tool setups including continuous integration and also tips what should be avoided.

Mikko Paukkila (Nokia Technologies) is an expert in software build, release, testing and integration area. He has experience of multiple software development environments Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, Qt, Symbian etc. He has also wide knowledge of agile & lean processes and related tools from small 10-20 people software and hardware product projects to very large projects of 1000+ developers. He has been driving deployment of continuous integration processes in an international environment and has been administrating related tools like Jenkins and Gerrit.

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