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Conference Talks

  1. You can lead a team to DevOps - But you can’t make them Automate - Brian Wager
  2. Windows on AWS - Jamie Begin
  3. We haven’t had an outage in ages - Lies, Damned Lies, and Outage Handling Best Practices from Real Customers - Dave Cliff
  4. Towards ephemeral environments - Ranjib Dey
  5. Thinking about DevOps? - Drive it based on application performance - Stephen Wilson
  6. Take Risks But Don't Be Stupid - Patrick Eaton
  7. Server Orchestration - Automating your Server Workflow – A How To - Topher Marie
  8. Reliability Engineering: A Tale of Software and Fragility - Todd Underwood
  9. Refactoring Enterprise organization to DevOps - The journey and Crossing the chasm - Igor Moonchnick
  10. Platform as a Service to Infrastructure as a Service Migration - Heroku to AWS - Andre Henry
  11. No Conditionals Allowed - Cornelia Davis
  12. Manual to Automated - Owen Zanzal
  13. Managing Terabytes on AWS - Baruch Sadogursky
  14. Management Wants DevOps - Where do we begin? - Brian Wager
  15. Making Your Product or Service DevOps Friendly - James Martin
  16. Linux Containers: The Natural Successor to VMs and CM - Jake Moshenko
  17. How is ChatOps Formed? - Carol Nichols
  18. How a shark prepares its meals - Anthony Caiafa
  19. Harnessing The Power of Conflict - A Conflict Resolution perspective of the social psychology underpinnings of Devops - Nikolas Katsimpras
  20. Handling The Rush - Brian Nuszkowski
  21. Going whole hog on PaaS? - Brandon Burton
  22. From Hero to Zero - Jennifer Davis
  23. First In Last Out - devops roots in coal mining - Kevin Behr
  24. Don’t kid yourself - Your pipelines are part of your applications - Igor Moonchnick
  25. DevOps: How to Fail With One Weird Trick - Pete Cheslock
  26. DevOps Meets Complex IT Infrastructure - Alex Henthorn-Iwane
  27. DevOps For The Enterprise - Strategies for Making it Succeed - Julian Dunn
  28. Deploying with Docker - Eric Windisch
  29. Continuous Delivery for the DevOps Curious - Adam Kalnas
  30. Continuous Delivery - while converting from commercial to open source - Ken Mugrage
  31. Building LogTopia - Graylog and Logstash and Kibana, Oh My! - Zac Sprackett
  32. Binaries for DevOps - Because Everyone Has Binaries to Manage - Baruch Sadogursky
  33. Between a rock and a hard place - DevOps & the Business - Jen Krieger
  34. Automating orchestration in the cloud with Ubuntu Juju - Charles Butler
  35. Ansible 101 - Matthew Trisoline
  36. An introduction to mainline linux containers and how they are impacting us - Ranjib Dey

Ignite Talks

  1. There Are No Best Practices - Nathen Harvey
  2. Particle - A compelling alternative to Cloud Formation - Peter Burkholder
  3. I Am DevOps (And So Can You!) - Bridget Kromhout
  4. Development patterns to amplify the feedback loop - Patrick Eaton
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