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Developers are from Mars + Operations people are from Venus


Developers and Operations people are different creatures – sometimes they seem that they come from a totally different planet. They think differently – have different outlooks on life, on how tasks should be managed, and how an infrastructure should be managed. Can the twain meet? This session will discuss the intricate differences between the two species, and how one should bridge the gaps between them – so that your company can make true use of a Devops culture – and take your company to a whole different level.


Maish Saidel-Keesing is a virtualization architect for Cisco Video Technologies Israel and has been working in IT for 13 years, focused on virtualization and cloud for the past 8. Awarded the vExpert award from VMware for the past consecutive 5 years for his contributions to the Virtualization community. Co-author of OpenStack Design Book and the VMware vSphere Design and has participated and a technical reviewer of the several cloud publications. His blog, Technodrone, focuses on Virtualization, Architecture, Cloud and Automation and is one of the top 50 virtualization blogs for the past 4 years. Accredited public speaker.

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