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Why can't I nail that DevOps interview?!


I'm far from being an HR specialist; Even so, I've interviewed approximately 30 people for an Ops Lead role and couldn't find even one to stand up to my requirements. I've also heard of many (many) bad questions and wrong decisions made by interviewers because of which they didn't get the right person for the job. I would like to present the problem of why, in my opinion, it is hard to find that right person; why interviewers should stop looking for "DevOps" and start looking for "Good, Technical People" and why, after all, 30 people didn't suffice.


Nir Cohen was the Ops Team Leader at fring and now works for Gigaspaces. He's a relatively short, brown eyed human being who loves animals and holds true to Ethics as a life path. He also likes to walk long distances, breathe and eat lettuce salad. You can find Nir at work, on the street or at home.‚Äč

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