JavaZone is one of the biggest IT conferences in Norway. The last couple of years we have been moving our applications into the cloud. By pushing a few buttons we can now bring up a brand spanking new server ready to host the systems JavaZone depends on.

We will talk about how Ansible has helped us and some of the problems we faced along the way. Such as "How do we separate data from logic?", "Where do we draw the line between deployment and provisioning?" and "Is there really a line?". How is Ansible compared to other frameworks? What should you know before you start using Ansible?

We don't have all the answers, but we are happy with most of what we've done so far. We'll rant, uhm, share our experiences with Ansible and how it has helped us along the way (and sometimes blocked us).

Speaker: Sveinung Dalatun, Kjetil Valle

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