DevOps and automation go hand in hand. We automated each step from the source code to the hosting facility with GoCD and Docker. Even the build process is completely dockerized and can run everywhere. We do not only build Java artifacts anymore. Our deliverables at the end of the build process are Docker images. This allows us to be language-, technology- and platform-agnostic. The images which are generated are tested in the pipeline too. To accomplish this we spin up a smaller version of the production environment on the fly. As those infrastructure instances are ephemeral and dynamic, we use Consul as the service directory for this environment. We make no difference between test and production environments. When tests are completed successfully, the image is automatically deployed to the hosting facility. This strategy offers even more benefits. It's allows the developers to develop and test code in the production environment. This way of working improved and revolutionized the complete development-, build- and rollout-process.

We will show and talk about this process, how we got rid of properties, are hoster-agnostic and used the same images for development and production.

Speaker: Jan de Cooman

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