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A Ruby on Rails Continuous Integration process using Github, Semaphore, CodeClimate and HipChat


When you work on applications that your clients are actively using, you want to be 100% sure you don't break something when deploying a new feature. In this talk we’ll demonstrate how we set up a Continuous Integration process for Ruby on Rails and JavaScript using a variety of hosted tools and services.

We’ve also implemented various other improvements like code quality monitoring and notification systems.

At the end, we’ll talk about how the “nag factor” and “shame factors” help you write better code.


Jan Varljen is the Technical Lead of Productive, a SaaS application for running a consulting business (like a software development company or an advertising agency). He manages the technical aspects of the project, communicates with customers and manages the team developing Productive. He's a big fan of Ruby on Rails, automated testing and continuous integration processes. He never takes off his sweater.

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