Abstract: The skills and techniques needed to explore wrecks, caves and other challenging underwater environments have lots to teach those of us from the ops persuasion.

Complex scenarios can be safely conquered when you master three main areas that I'm going to parallel in this talk:

  1. Building a team. You need more than some 10x'ers.
  2. Failure happens - how do you deal with it, learn from it and fail gracefully.
  3. "Just keep swimming."

Using rarely before seen imagery from some of my own dives I want to connect two of my favorite pastimes - diving into unforgiving locations and taming the wild ops seas.

I have had this talk bumping around in my head for a while, but have only recently put together 22 slides that tell this story.

I will spend the next month removing / combining and rewriting so that only 20 of the best 15 second slides remain.

Speaker: Darron Froese

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