Paris 14-15 April 2015 - proposals

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This page list the proposals we have received. Help the presenters with your feedback!

Conference Talks

  1. devOps culture ? survey kit to deliver a project to chinese users - Gilles Guirand
  2. What Happens Without Traction? - Steve Pereira
  3. The road to DevOps : experience from the field - Stéphane Goudeau & Hervé Leclerc
  4. The new stubbing practices - FINAS Dimitris
  5. The importance of Why in DevOps - Boris Feld
  6. The Quest for The Golden Pipeline - Steve Pereira
  7. The Power Of Unicorns - Bertrand Besnard
  8. The Importance of Language - Michael Ducy
  9. The DevOps Checklist - Steve Pereira
  10. The Chef Prince of Azure: How 10th Magnitude used Chef to flip-turn ZS Associates into Microsoft Azure Royalty - Trevor Hess
  11. TSDB / TSP / Riemann - David Webster
  12. Show me the Metrics - David Webster
  13. Screwing up for fun and profit - Oliver Hankeln
  14. Provisioning the cloud with ansible - Ramez Hanna
  15. Pragmatic Cloud Security: What InfoSec Practitioners Have Been Waiting For. - Josh Danielson & Arthur Andrieu
  16. Network automation: your network, your rules - Ingmar Van Glabbeek
  17. Making the Elephant dance – Daily deliveries at SAP - Dirk Lehmann
  18. LeAPIng to real world:iOT! - Lopez Martin, Alberto
  19. Key Factors For A Switch to DevOps - Bertrand Besnard
  20. How to maintain your OpenStack up-to-date - Frédéric Lepied
  21. How a payment processing company turned into a software release factory - Ankur Trivedi
  22. How implements Devops for its clients’ benefits - Frédéric Arnal
  23. Haskell all the way down - Arnaud Bailly & Willem van den Ende
  24. Generically specific DevOps - How to support teams with different challenges adopt a standard DevOps approach - Owen Gardner
  25. DevOps, the fundamentals to accelerate application delivery - GACHES Alexis
  26. DevOps through history (1910s - tomorrow) - Bertrand Besnard
  27. DevOps and Agility combined with contractual requirements in large IT organisations - Thibault Ducray & Olivier Pellegrino
  28. DevOps Culture at BlaBlaCar - Keep CAMS and grow - Regis Allegre
  29. Dev+Ops: when a fairy tale comes true ! - Yann Rouillard & François Xavier Vende
  30. Designing the Enterprise for Manufacturing - Sc0tt Russell
  31. Continuous deployment, the necessary link for true DevOps - KHODABACCUS Reza
  32. Containers, Germs, and Microservices - John "botchagalupe" Willis
  33. Containers and DevOps: New Ways to Deploy and Manage Applications at Scale - Kelsey Hightower
  34. Configuring Riemann - David Webster
  35. Cognitive biases and our poor intuitions around probability - Nigel Kersten
  36. Change management at scale: responsible agile delivery - Pierre-Yves Ritschard
  37. Cash is from past: future of payments - Lopez Martin, Alberto
  38. Bizdevops – from development to the customer – how to bring all links together to an amazing chain! - Sabine Bernecker-Bendixen
  39. Automating the application lifecycle in the cloud, from build to deployment - Laurent Bernaille
  40. A DevOps way to Security - Alex Manly

Ignite Talks

  1. Working together - a Dance analogy - Nicolas Charles
  2. What are unicorns - Bertrand Besnard
  3. Time Series Metrics @ Betfair - David Webster
  4. How to reconcile DevOps and ITIL - Sylvain Révéreault
  5. How to make a Kick Ass Devops Meetup Group for 20 Euros - Andy Burgin
  6. Git-deliver - Arnaud Bétrémieux
  7. Cloud & DevOps : Imagine a new world - Hervé Leclerc & Stéphane Goudeau
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