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Application Orchestration with Kubernetes


How to take an app from your laptop to production utilizing the future of container orchestration. It’s difficult to say with confidence that your app will work in production without testing it, many people today have very complex scripts which out outline deployment, testing and validation, and often rely on late night pager calls and very brittle rollback scenarios. Additionally, developers struggle with developing software on different platforms and SDK versions that are hard to make consistent which results in different builds and exceptions which are hard to resolve. We can finally stop saying, 'it works on my machine' phrase since it will work the same on every machine. Other processes in the past have attempted to solve the problem but are brittle and take time to build out environments.

This talk will outline the process of how to deploy an app locally in docker-compose, then scale it out to multiple servers running Kubernetes. From there, the audience will see how to scale the app to achieve performance, manage failures, debug, and understand best practices.

Containers are a great way to package, build, run and deploy apps and Docker has make that practice very simple, however, it’s only really works well on a single host. With the learnings from Google, Kubernetes is the open source container orchestration offering which builds on Google's current infrastructure learnings that we all can use in an Open Source model.

Speaker: Steve Sloka

Steve Sloka is a Software Engineer from Pittsburgh, PA, currently working at UPMC Enterprises as a Software Architect working to deliver healthcare solutions to help patients and their caregivers.

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