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Security for Humans


There are many stakeholders involved when you are creating or assembling a security toolchain. How do you satisfy the different, and sometimes conflicting, needs of these stakeholders in a responsive way?

We can use some of the concepts developed in the user experience domain to create better security tooling. User personas allow us to map out different roles that must interact with security to get their work done. These personas are living and provide a fast feedback loop when paired with user interviews. Giving direction while allowing freedom is a key tenet to integrating security into different parts of your organization.

Speaker: Dustin Collins

I've worked for several tech startups around the US. DevOps has been a necessity at that scale. Currently I am the developer advocate for Conjur, a security startup west of Boston. Doing whatever I can to help people operate complex systems and still be happy is my goal. I live in Providence, RI with my wife and two cats.

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