Abstract: You want to implement DevOps ideas in your team? Then be aware that implementing DevOps means a lot more than just changing the general set-up of the actual organization of the work. It demands lots of changes in personal behaviour and attitude - first of all by the initiator! Besides powerful arguments it is of an absolute importance to convince others of the necessity of the personal change! So you – as the initiator – have to think about punchy arguments as well as reflecting yourself – and all this before integrating the whole team!

With starting your own personal changes you will also commence a viral process in your team. Your own attitude, your way of communication or your attempts to recognize other people ́s points of view are possible sources for your own change. Sooner or later multipliers will follow you step by step and help you to spread out your ideas! A motivational loop will start and will reach more and more people.

In this session you will learn: - which questions you will have to ask yourself before starting the personal change - why personal changes need time to grow - why leading people to change is much more efficient than pushing them to change - how you will identify different roles of all stakeholders in a team - how you will make multipliers work for your ideas - how to deal with “NoNos” - how this smart way of personal change management will have a motivational effect on you and your team - that it will also work if your are not “the big boss” in the team

But most of all you will learn that there always has to be someone to start with the change – YOU!

Speaker: Speaker 13

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