Today’s applications are complex and interdependent systems. Whenever a system upon which your application depends becomes slow, or unavailable, it can cause havoc. Nemesis Resilience Testing Platform, which allows engineers to test their application’s resilience against unexpected downstream/dependent system failures. With Nemesis you can test your application’s resilience by synthetically introducing error conditions in a programmatic fashion. Nemesis aims to solve this problem by allowing users to test their system’s resilience by providing easy-to-use disruptors. A disruptor is something as simple (yet powerful) as additional latency in the response from a dependency. With Nemesis you can introduce arbitrary latency into your system to test how well it behaves under such circumstances. Nemesis allows developers to perform disruptive testing under controlled situations and with a wide range of protocols like TCP, HTTP/S, REDIS and MySQL. Nemesis helps you make your application better by allowing you to easily test its robustness.

Speaker: Speaker 71

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