Singapore 2015 - Proposal


Devops meets Functional Programming


This is a story of an Infrastructure team at Zalora that implemented DevOps using Haskell and Nix.

The story is about:

  • drowning in inherent complexity of existing Puppet configuration
  • establishing a functional programming community inside the company
  • implementing configuration management using purely-functional language and package manager Nix and using NixOS as the base OS
  • challenges of using new tools at scale
  • building cloud infrastructure tools using Haskell
  • building a code-driven deployment platform borrowing design practices from Erlang/OTP, Mesos and other successful distributed system frameworks, accommodating engineering team growth
  • overcoming adoption failures and finally reaching operational happiness


Vladimir Kirillov,


Vlad is a young hacker who has been developing CDN software in dynamic and weak languages, shifted towards cloud-native applications using Erlang on Xen and Unikernels and is now building infrastructure and platform software using Haskell at Zalora.

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