Singapore 2015 - Proposal


Repository as an deployment artifact


With the increase number of dependency between applications and third-party packages, it is quite often that we find ourselves bury in the dependency hell.

In scenario like this, wouldn't it be great if we can take a snapshot of the repository, version it and use it.

Even better if we can take cherry pick the required packages from the local repository and third-party repository and create a snapshot of it so that we can share and distribute the snapshot.

This ignite talk will be able using a tool called aptly to achieve this goal.


Inny So, Consultant, Thoughtworks Australia


Inny So is a consultant working in Thoughtworks Australia.

She started off as a Java developer then slowly become interested in continuos integration and delivery.

She is especially interested in pipeline design and what can be done to reduce the feedback loop between code checkin to production.

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