Our ignites this year would be:

  1. The type of monitoring/logging/alerting that will make your engineers give up - Gil Zellner
  2. Security Tests as part of Continuous Integration process - Nir Koren
  3. Learning through answering - Eran Zimbler
  4. From 10 users to 10 million in 10 days - Adam Lev
  5. How immutable can you get? - Anton Weiss
  6. Challenging Professional Responsibility - bringing DevOps to TEDx - Yoav Abrahami

What is an Ignite?

If you have a strong devops-related message that you really want to share with the DevOps world, we encourage you to send us a proposal for an Ignite presentation.

These are 5 minute talks with 20 slides which auto-advance. If you aren't familiar with the format, good examples can be found at http://igniteshow.com/

Tell us about tools, processes, tips, tricks, war stories, whatever... make us laugh, make us cry, show us how to be more awesome...

The only rule is don't give a straight sales pitch. That's not even a rule we'll enforce, everyone will just think you are uncool... that is punishment enough.

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