Tools for salvation

Failure is inevitable in software. But expensive failure is not. Tools can save you from expensive failure.

In this talk, Bethany will discuss data migration at Etsy and how it is a shining example of DevOps for the following reasons:

  1. the data migration team acknowledged that failure was inevitable and planned for it by building tools,
  2. the data migration team acted as its own developers, dbas and QA team, and
  3. the team used continuous integration to its advantage while making infrastructural changes.

Bethany will show how expensive or catastrophic failure can be prevented by letting go of ego and using practical tooling.

About the speaker - Bethany Macri

Bethany studied Literature in college, then taught herself how to code. After attending The Recurse Center, she started working at Etsy on the Core Platform team.

Bethany currently spends her days migrating data, running and recording a podcast.

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