Debugging your communication for more efficiency

Whenever people come together, communications starts at once! You can't stop it! Due to our modern times, additional to the original face-to-face communication we use a lot of different communication channels like phones, chats, live webinars and emails.

As communication is a very complex topic misunderstandings are part of daily our work. We have to spend a lot of time to deal with these misunderstandings or - what is worse - things will go wrong.

The more different characters work together in cross-functional teams like DevOps the higher the probability of misunderstandings. With release cycles getting shorter and shorter or continuous delivery, time is a very precious factor in IT projects. So why do we waste time in clearing up misunderstandings? For more efficiency it will be extremely helpful to identify the bugs in your communication and eliminate them to reduce misunderstandings and save time!

In this session theoretical background will be combined with best practice; the importance of further education in communication skills especially for "people from IT" to reach more efficiency will be pointed out.

About the speaker - Sabine Bernecker-Bendixen

Sabine is coaching people, moderating workshops, leading projects with more than 100 people and teaching adults of different professions in communication skills, soft skills and leadership skills for more than 20 years. For more than 13 years she works as a freelance consultant.

She helps new teams to grow together and leaders to find their own people centered way of bringing out the best of their teams. With her support teams develop their own team culture.

The key statements of her work are: "Focus on the human part!"" and "Think outside the box!" To work on and manage agile projects or DevOps teams means a lot more than technical tools and putting different people together especially in soft skills. According to her, leadership is not only a management technique - it is a way of thinking and believe, a way of behavior and living! She assists leaders, teams and companies to create and implement their own agile, human focused culture and helps them to reflect their situations.

As a speaker she attracted a lot of interest at DevOpsDays Paris and Ljubljana 2015. She will speak at DevOpsDays Amsterdam and BASTA!. Additionally she writes articles for the German Entwickler Magazin. Her posts are also published on With her projects sof-IT – soft skills for people in IT and LaaS – leadership as a service, she developed special workshops concerning the individual needs of the IT world.

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