CI/CD on Windows based environment - yes it is possible

In this session I will cover the tools we are using and how we're using them such as mcollective, puppet, Jenkins, Artifactory, Powershell and Ruby. How we use those tools in order to achieve CI / CD thorough DEV / Staging / Production environments, spread all over (Skytap, Azure and on -premise). How we're using the same flow for build, test and deploy applications written in .Net and also Node.js, and ruby on rails.

We will see how Jenkins act as the glue, mcollective for orchestrating the servers, Puppet for manage server configuration and deployment and where Powershell and Ruby are fit in all of that. We will cover the differences between the different environments and how we solved the gap.

At the end of his session you will have a very clear on how eToro is doing it.

About the speaker - Noam Shochat

I worked in Web Operations in several successful companies. Currently works at eToro bringing DevOps culture, processes and tools to the company. Having years of production operations experience, implements Application Lifecycle Management with zero downtime deployments, managing load balancers, monitoring and logging. Previously worked at Soluto, TGS and Amdocs in Operations

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