Toronto 2015 - proposals

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This page lists the proposals we have received. Help the presenters with your feedback!

Conference Talks

  1. Your place in DevTOps is not about finding more bugs but problem solutions - Michael Taylor
  2. Why Ops Need to Embrace DevOps Culture - Eric Wright
  3. Using Continuous Integration to Test your Platform - Kirsten Hunter
  4. Turning The Fly Wheel - Affecting Changes In An Enterprise - Arthur Maltson
  5. They Don’t Call it Continuous Integration for Nothing! - Dan Boutin
  6. Testing The “Untestable”: Acceptance Testing of Web Frontend Configurations with Docker - Oleksiy Kovyrin
  7. Super Awesome Web Super Powers - Daniel Stern
  8. Shopify’s Holiday Resiliency Sprint - Simon Eskildsen
  9. Self-organizing clusters - Hany Fahim
  10. Policy as code - Doug Barth
  11. One Size does not Fit All (DevOps in the Enterprise) - Fawzy Manaa
  12. Microservices and Docker - Andrei Pop
  13. Metalscale - Automating Operations on baremetal - Dale Hamel
  14. Managing your binaries like a boss - Manfred Moser
  15. Live Fast, Die Young, Leave a DevOps Corpse - J. Paul Reed
  16. Leading a -DevOps- DevTools Team - Seth Goings
  17. Keeping it All Together: Metrics, Logging, and Alerting in the Code Base - Will Weaver
  18. It’s amazing things works at all! - Brian Nuszkowski
  19. Is this the end of traditional configuration management? - Hany Fahim
  20. Is Your Team Instrument Rated - J. Paul Reed
  21. Integrating Security into Devops Practices - William Collani
  22. Information is not knowledge - Byron Miller
  23. How to talk to humans: a different approach to soft skills - Sharon Steed
  24. Handling The Rush - Brian Nuszkowski
  25. Hacking the CxO Code - J. Paul Reed
  26. Getting Your Ducks in a Row - An Introduction to Managing Components in your Software Supply Chain - Manfred Moser
  27. Enabling DevOps Through End to End Performance Monitoring - Boris Livshutz
  28. DevOps Next Steps: Event Driven Operations - James Fryman
  29. DevOps Metrics Panel - Gil Rice, Dave Josephson, Boris Livshutz, moderator Dave Cliffe
  30. Customizing the Alerting Experience - Jason Hand
  31. Creating a common language to evaluate application performance - Gil Rice
  32. Creating a Dashboard from Reporting APIs - Kirsten Hunter
  33. Cloud: Is that thing still around? - PJ Hagerty
  34. Cloud Security: A Frank Discussion - John Martinez
  35. Cloud Foundry 101 - Adib Saikali
  36. Chef, test-kitchen, Docker, CI, Oh My! - Arthur Maltson
  37. ChatOps - Getting Started - Jason Hand
  38. Building Systems Focused on Developer Happiness - Philip Corliss
  39. Bootstrapping Training with Docker - Kirsten Hunter
  40. BOSH Overview - Adib Saikali
  41. Agent of Change? Here's Your Helmet. - H. "Waldo" Grunenwald
  42. A DevOps State of Mind - Chris Van Tuin
  43. A DevOps Philosophy - Jason Hand

Ignite Talks

  1. Pitfalls of automation - James Martin
  2. Loadbalancers as a Feature Switch - Duncan Ward
  3. Keep DevOps Hip! - Fawzy Manaa
  4. How We Continuously Deploy... Every Three Months - Nick Matantsev
  5. From Dev to Ops: lessons learned - Doug Barth
  6. Family Systems Theory and DevOps - Seth Goings
  7. DevOps For The People - Andrina Kelly
  8. 7 Tips for enabling agility and DevOps across a large scale enterprise - Siraj Berhan
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