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Culture of Learning

Facilitator: Chuck Mountz

Scribe: David Okoronkwo


  1. One idea is to get the "junior" employee write down his/her ideas and then the Senior admin can go through it
  2. Having the new person shodaow the on-call engineer,that way they learn a lot quicker.
  3. Get the younger person do most of the documention of procedures that they are brought up to speed
  4. Show newer employees areas of technical debt that older employees don't have time to do. That way they get to fix some problems and learn how things work on the fly
  5. Automation!!. New employees can pick up some work and automate as much as they can, which will add value to the team as they learn as well
  6. Knowledge transfer should be done at the team level and pushed up the chain (to Project managers, managers and such) 7 Paper reading sessions! Team members can read about processes and technologies that they are using or would like to use and talk about it.
  7. Every sales person has a technical resource. They can be brought in as well to help new hires.
  8. Brown bag sessions/lunch and learns if done well can also be very helpful.
  9. Senior employees can take responsibility and organize learning sessions as well.
  10. How do you deal that one person who "lives in a silo", knows everything but doesn't want to teach?
    • Move him/her to a different group/organization
    • Get the managers involved. Let them promote a culture of learning transfer.
  11. Create best cultures and practices which would make it easier for knowledge transfer.

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