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Lean Enterprise

Facilitator:Marc Esher


Based from Exp and/while reading Lean Enterprise

Not in production = not valuable

Pivot - image

whats the least to do to enable (product)

  • Pivot Proposal
  • 4-6wk discovery w/ small team
  • no prod
  • focus on uncerainties
  • leave parts for req's undone (build go-kart, the frame around the engine and slap on wheels and get it going)
  • build just enough to use and learn
  • get real users ?? "testing" ??

Key Princp

  • --missed--?

Reduce Waste

  • 1 samll, xfunct exploring team
  • 2 runway = hypotheses vs reqs - Hypotheses are not requirements. The scientific method would have us define hypotheses to test. Defining "requirements" is non scientific.
  • 3 principle of optionality - security wanted single sign on implementation first product for config of new req,
  • feedback to team - this is what we need to get to work
  • option not to do that

enbling transformation

  • customer was fantastic partner ( LOTTERY? Cash out?
  • Real users early - feedback from users?
  • freq proj checks
  • unit test! and cont intgr8 early
  • eye towards future staff

What didnt work

took customer while for customer to use app not everyone on board with "optionality" *Bottlenecks - short timeline , hosting env strangled project - result value stream mapping to help avoid this nexttime

Plea: Enable expermentation

"no one comes to work to fail 70% of the time"

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