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Culture and Deming

Facilitator: Lilibeth Dineros-Snell

Scribe: Jeff Gallimore

  • Trying to break down silos
  • Why was Deming successful in Japan and not here?
  • Gladwell's "Power distance index"
  • U.S. has an "I"-centric culture. Does that have something to do with it?
  • John Wayne "cowboy culture" - anti working together?
  • Worked in Japan because they were enduring a crisis in rebuilding
  • Japanese culture - taking pride in their work
  • Cultural differences in consequences of failure
  • Did lack of resources in Japan drive innovation? Versus US where things are plentiful?
  • "Necessity is the mother of innovation"
  • Level of complacency in 50's in US - US was the big dog
  • Baggage with Taylorism in US - hard to make the switch to new philosophy
  • Benefit of "greenfield" in Japan

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