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Distributed Teams

Facilitator: Adam Leff ([email protected] / [email protected])

Scribe: Adam Leff ([email protected] / [email protected])

25 participants, roughly less-than-half the participants work from home

  • Some believe colocation is best
  • Working remote has a cost, but the quality of life increase for some is worth it
  • Full team on-sites are important
  • If there’s a mix of on-site and off-site, make sure you defer to the common denominator (i.e. have most of your conversation in the medium that off-site * users can participate, such as HipChat/Slack)
  • WFH offers a mostly-distraction-free environment, but still need face time with peers
  • Video chatting helps, but “loss of fidelity"
  • Time zone distribution allows lots of flexibility
  • If you WFH, people find having a dedicated “work space” is important, both for the worker, and their family
  • People are actively seeking out telework positions only
  • As a hiring manager, being able to hire remote employees provides a HUGE potential pool
  • On-prem location needs to provide adequate equipment to do audio/video conferencing - i.e. room systems, HD quality video, mics provided for ALL * participants.
  • One participant stated the “office people” get to WFH on Friday - helped to
  • Loss of a whiteboard is an issue… WACOM tablet is a nice substitute
  • Big HQ + satellite office: how do you make it better? Only solution participants mentioned is full room AV systems, such as Lifesize
  • Screenhero for pair programming (provides voice as well as control sharing), Floobits mentioned as well
  • 1-on-1s with manager are more critical
  • Manager role in conflict avoidance: be present, know when to bring people together in a different medium to resolve, act as advocate to other teams

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