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Leading people in devops

Facilitator: Holly Bazemore (@hfanelli)

Scribe: Marc Esher (@marcesher)


  • Started the conversation with talking about remote work from the last session
  • Importance of ground rules
    • test your mic... know your tools; can you log in to all the tools you need. If you can't, then you can't work remote that day b/c you can't do your job
    • If you see me wearing headphones, don't come into my space... don't interrupt me
    • The "chair problem": ask everyone in a circle to describe your ideal chair; everybody's idea of what a perfect chair is is different; say "Chair!" to identify when you're in violent agreement
  • In meetings, identify a facilitator
  • "developers hate meetings"... that means they hate nonproductive meetings.
  • all meetings are optional; all meetings must have an agenda. you have the right to deny a meeting if it doesn't have an agenda

    • But that's not enough... people need to know why they're there
    • What needs to come out of this meeting... what decisions need to be made, etc.
  • "Death by Meeting" -- book; helps people understand why they may or may not need to be in meetings; help understand different roles, why conflict is beneficial

  • meeting behavior: passive aggressive vs aggressive aggressive; people need to learn how to be confrontational in a constructive manner

  • Document the results of meetings; this is where you're starting from the next time

  • engineers in meetings: sometimes tough because they have trouble articulating themselves; engineers might need help with that, especially when they get steamrolled by people who are better communicators

  • it's also a people manager's job to realize when someone is getting steamrolled because of that, and they should pull back and help facilitate: "engineer, I heard you say XYZ...."

    • again, why facilitators are so important
  • You need to manage the individual; everyone's different. You need to know their different styles

  • "Strength Finder", book. Might be called "Find your strengths" -- by Gallup; stop focusing on weaknesses and double down on strengths

  • Executives (everyone?) starting to put their "Top 10 list" publicly... "here's how I like to be communicated with..."

  • Jessica: at their company, they're putting their personal develpment plan on the wiki; PDP also focus of 1:1s

  • At comcast, they're encouraging people to move around the org; better to move around and learn new things than have them leave

    - have handoff planning, handoff meeting, for that individual. Very transparent, documented... "here's everything we talked about"

  • Shifting topic: leadership in devops, and also: is a devops team a bad thing?

  • "My title is devops manager; we have a devops group"

  • guy runs the boston devops group, has seen two patterns:

    1. temporary devops group, to learn and spread the knowledge
  • "guild": way to keep devopsy-types loosely aligned and learning together, but those people are embedded in different teams

  • Chuck tells the story of bringing engineering and operations into one team

  • "We want devops, but you can't fail". Execs who want results but none of the pain

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