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Tricking Non-Tech Management into DevOps

Facilitator: Charles Bushong

Scribe: Jeff Gallimore

  • Just do it and then show it to people
  • Start moving really fast - people blocking it become really apparent
  • Engage the people who care about moving faster - those who want business value
  • Don't let a good crisis go to waste - take advantage of the pain and provide a solution
  • You may need to go around a blocker - but better to go to blocker first and help advocate for them
  • Figure out what the resistance is - have a conversation and use empathy
  • Make concerns specific and then provide alternatives to address it
  • EMPATHY! Be careful of people hearing, "You're not doing your job, your job is easy, or your job is unimportant."
  • Drain the lake until you see rocks and then remove those rocks
  • don't drain the whole lake - you'll see A LOT of rocks
  • Connect actions to things that could have been avoided
  • Lower the perceived risk to the decision-maker
  • less risky alternatives
  • education
  • Connect the action to the business value and cost of not doing it
  • Understand where the motivation to change (or not) is coming from
  • Non-tech or tech = management who is not convinced
  • Sad fact is you sometimes can't convince someone until there's a smoking crater
  • Look for the "win" to build momentum - and those are sometimes small, but notable *ex: catching a bug before the customer
  • Prioritize stuff that demos well
  • Change culture to value work that increases stability (versus new feature functionality)
  • Watch out for bad surprises for management...
  • Show them better delivery wasn't a fluke - do it again quickly

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