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Immutable Deployments

Facilitator: Matt Brown

Scribe: Ameer M.

  • What is an 'immutable deploy' ?
  • zero-downtime deployments
  • replacing components like packages/containers/servers rather than updating them.
  • automation and versioning are key

  • Dev troubleshooting concerns in Immutable environments:

  • take the immutable server/container out of production for troubleshooting.
  • servers are always cattle, not pets

  • Challenges in moving from a traditional deployment system to immutable deploys:

  • Immutable infrastructure is essential for immutable deployments
  • Architect around existing infrastructure
  • OR, architect a new immutable environment

  • Levels of immutability: 1- app 2- VM/container/server 3- Entire stack (ex: Cloud Formation)

Where to store states/data ? * HA, persistent and reliable storage: in AWS (EBS / RDS / Dynamo DB

Tools: Packer docker, CoreOS AMI build systems Drone Chef Mesos Jenkins

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