DC 2015 - Program


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Lean Enterprise / Improvement Kata

Facilitator: Chuck

Scribe: Marc

What is Improvement Kata and why is it helpful?

  • Tim: what happens when you're not building features, etc but are doing Business As Usual... keeping things going

  • Mark: but are there opportunities for continuous improvement?

  • Find things that suck, joyless, cause you pain, things that are slow, bus problems
  • The "Brent" problem: what happens when your ego is wrapped up in it?
    • I said: "elevate the constraint" as Gene says
  • Also: make more Brents. derive satisfaction / ego from helping others
  • "Business as Usual" for Jessica: a lot of unplanned work... most of it driven by customer request
  • trying to identify patterns, but have no good way of doing it right now

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