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Architecture in DevOps

Facilitator: Jess, Chef

Scribe: Karen Gardner, Sonatype


Security talk scared bejezzus out of everyone an managing what versions you have, have you patched, etc. Becomes a maintenance nightmare

Struggle with 2-3 diff groups contributing tools in to same data center, trying to find architecture that spans those groups (with different goals - diff incentives)

Define role to for architecture, but no one who is governing.


1x per month standing engineering meeting to drive policy decisions. If you care you participate and have a voice in dec that comes out

Establish rules of engagement - i.e. API driven

Riot games - list of open RFCs with who to go to to discuss posted in all bathrooms stalls

Encourage teams to demo new things - learn from each other, encourage common adoption

Prioritize: Know that there are some places and things that don’t have to migrate *Talked about legacy technology that is so hard to untangle * We need more people in architecture

? How do you manage the shiny new objects - to vet them out? lots of “undefined" show and tell - get others to evaluate/vet *Socialize proposals/summits/centers of excellence

Some architectural decisions driven by finances - we write checks to 4 diff place, narrow to one and save/reinvest

For some purposeful freedom of choice, learn and then prioritize places to standardize based on benefits of standardizing

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