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Scrum vs Kanban for DevOps work planning

Scribe: Clinton Wolfe, why not

  • Kanban seems to work better for interrupt-driven work
  • Agile works better when people need to be accountable for deliverable on a certain (artificial?) date
  • During release, a dev team using scrum/agile will move on, while ops is left fixing broken things
  • one possibility is to reserve a dev sprint post-launch for breakfix work
  • "Scrumfall" is a thing
  • Agile may be able to cope with emergent work by reducing commitment (less than historical velocity) and then * tracking emergent work explicitly
  • Major problems come from different teams using different methodologies
  • But the nature of different work make it a bad fit (eg scrum for ops is bogus; leads to gaming)
  • Can you split people accross scrum teams? Yes, but it is an antipattern: serve two masters, accountable to neither
  • VIsualizations - people like having the Kanban card move accross the board to completeion; can do similar things * with Scrum boards
  • KPIs for scrum managers - KPI on velocity (leads to overcommitment), KPI on carryover (leads to undercommitment), * terrible things
  • So much is dependent on staff!
  • Product owners tend to have a short lifespan. Successful one get promoted, unsuccessful ones get transferred or * terminated; doing devops work (systems-related) is very hard for non-technical people to write suer stories for * sucessfully. Engineers are not great story authors by default.
  • The tools don't help: they all blur lines
  • Short sprints may help but may add overhead

Book: Large scale Agile Development - Grover et al

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