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Challenges transitioning to the cloud

Facilitator: Avi Leavitt

Scribe: Jeff Gallimore

  • Just get one environment setup and then move to the next thing
  • One provisioning script is a start
  • Find an app/system that contained with high probability of success and low risk
  • Move front-end into cloud and keep back-end data on-premise
  • Getting business benefit in optionality, speed, and flexibility
    • can take advantage of available higher level cloud services
  • Worried about lock in?
  • *outweighed by possibility of lost opportunity from slow speed
  • How big do you need to be to have your own private cloud?
  • PaaS competition in public cloud, but not necessarily same in private cloud
  • Will get easier over time to build private cloud (?)
  • Turn organization into a cloud-ready organization
  • *don't need to talk to the ops guys to setup a new environment
  • Tried to OpenStack in house and it was a struggle
  • Running your own infrastructure requires upgrades and maintenance
  • Case study: 75% cost savings moving away from in-house environment to cloud
  • The dollar sometimes is not as compelling as the ability to get stuff done quickly
  • Primary challenges
    • automation is a big project
    • big lift at first, but it gets easier
    • pick an automation framework and just go with it - you'll make mistakes
    • big time commitment
    • lack of knowledge
    • keeps people from investing time
    • security somewhat of an issue
    • attitude has changed from "no way" - if we do it right, we'll be more secure - but we can't do it right
    • security policies don't always translate well into cloud (e.g., password maintenance)
    • change in compliance practices
    • taking their servers away - pets vs. cattle
  • Use track record of maintenance awesomeness with cloud-migrated apps

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