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Container Monitoring

Facilitator: Dwayne Hoover and Christian Beedgen

Scribe:Dwayne Hoover

container to monitor containers * cadvisor

newer releases of Docker - docker stats

what about logging

  • all processes wiritng to syslog to one container

Correlation and aggregation - monitoring containers as you spin up the same image on a new machine

  • is the same image a new monitoring stream?
  • what about historical analysis
  • one example using statsd, give the metric a prefix can then do historical analysis based on image name/tag/etc

Tying this back to the container host?

  • Common practice to tracking by host?
  • App monitoring w/ StatsD
  • Host monitoring with something else
  • Cloud watch
  • Sometimes manual to tie these together
  • Is it a big enough problem to start correlating the data?
  • pain is growing
  • hesitant to accept "if there aren't metrics, then it's not a problem"

ACS - amazon container service, anyone using it

  • complaint that it isn't particular mature
  • particularly around autoscaling
  • detecting issues - spinning up new containers
  • dedicate a number of ec2 instances to ACS
  • what amount of ec2 do you want to dedicate?
  • there is an API
  • no real abstraction of the host information

Docker on elastic beanstalk

Anyone using something to orchestrate container deployment - any additional metrics available because of it?

  • Marathon - used to run/schedule containers
  • mesosphere - interested, but they haven't built anything

One metrics collecter per (parent) host

New relic launched docker monitoring

How does a container know where to direct stats?

  • statsd agent w/ config for destination

Solve the problem with service discovery - think MX record/using DNS to direct

Sumo Logic uses ZooKeeper

Abstraction - statsD sends container logs

  • meta tools/deployment tools map the destination to the build
  • drop a single container, will monitor containers and attach to the log processes via docker control port
  • docker control port mapped to a container is given "super root" and can run processes in other containers
  • company called hitrust to enforce RBAC via API - perhpas Docker needs to implement something
  • using environment variables to pass in stats location

What are people using?

  • Librato
  • Ganglia
  • Graphite
  • Sumo Logic

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